29 December 2009

meant to delight

After all the rush of the holidays - tree decorating, lights, family dinners and laughter, mountains of wrapping paper and boxes - today it snows. Beautiful snow softens all the sharp corners, covers the brown leaves, and turns the evening blue in that light that only snow holds at night.

I was given a gift card for Powell's Books by my father. He called before Christmas.

"What kind of gift cards can I get for you and Rick?"

"For Rick, REI. Easy," I said. "For me, you could get Macy's or something for me to get some new work clothes. Or Powell's."

He might have snorted. At the very least, it was a scoff. "Work clothes are not for Christmas."

In the Christmas card that accompanied the two gift cards, he wrote, "These gifts are meant to delight. Love, Mom and Dad"

A couple nights ago after another round of holiday hoopla, after it got quiet again in my little home, I ordered my books.

Holy the Firm
by Annie Dillard
(trade paper) USED

Behold the Many: a Novel
by Lois Ann Yamanaka
(hardcover) USED

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
by David Wroblewski
(trade paper) SALE

New Guinea Tapeworms and Jewish Grandmothers: Tales of Parasites and People
by Robert S. Desowitz
(trade paper) USED

True Compass: A Memoir
by Edward M. Kennedy
(hardcover) USED

New Path To the Waterfall 1ST Edition
by Raymond Carver
(hardcover) USED

Love Medicine: a novel
by Louise Erdrich
(hardcover) USED

Order confirmed. Thank you for shopping at Powell's Books.

I am delighted.


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