01 July 2013

back to school

Your husband climbs Mt. Hood
but you have to work your
crummy job with the
manager who stares down
your shirt and shows you
pictures of his
penis from his phone
as if by accident.

Remember when you were
eleven and every Saturday 
you pedaled a little 
bicycle three miles out 
St. Claire to the cool 
metal stables near the 
sand dunes to ride that 
blind horse for
one hour?

Fearless it is then.

~ Sherri H. Hoffman

   MFA in Writing
   Pacific University
   Class of 2013

*Written for "Other Heroes" by Heidi Shuler, a Pass It On Poetry - This Book Is For You kickstarter project. The original version of this poem was added to the back of a numbered edition and left at Z Coffee in Longview, WA. May it gather many poems as it goes out into the world. You can read more about this project and Heidi's work at www.heidishuler.com.

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