19 March 2015

out in the world: tanzania

Over winter break, I traveled to Rwanda to visit some family, and we took a side-trip to Tanzania. The Ngorongoro Area is a protected reserve that includes the Ngorongoro crater and the Serengeti National Park, stretching all the way to the border of Kenya. I came to understand why there are so many ocean metaphors for this part of the world: the English language lacks descriptors for such vastness, sky and rolling grasslands. The Maasai word for this place is siringet, which translates roughly to "the place where the land runs on forever."

In the Rift Valley, we visited one of the Leakey archeological sites where that same vastness moves temporally. The experience shifted so much for me, even months later, I am feeling its effects.

Asante sana. Thank you. I remain grateful for the opportunity.

 ~ sherri

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